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Sone Severe

After School/Food Pantry Program Coordinator

Sone Severe

Through her passion for aiding others and promoting quality care for individuals in need, Ms. Severe has served as After School/ Food Pantry Program Coordinator utilizing her extensive medical and office management skills. Ms. Severe has seen that our families/youth are provided with proper resources and services, has managed classroom and program needs by developing and implementing the curriculum necessary for the success of students, and has managed the data needed to ensure the programs remain in compliance of ethical standards and NJ policy.

Madam Sonie gen pasyon nan ede moun ki nan bezwen. Li se kowòdonatè pwogram “After School” ak pwogram manje a. Li gen bon jan konesans sou koze jesyon biwo. Madam Severe te jere tou enfòmasyon sou pwogram nan pou bay koudèy sou tout kalite sèvis nou bay jan lwa nan NJ mande.

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