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Elizabeth, NJ, USA

Job Type


About the Role

Primary Responsibilities:
a. Host monthly educational session in person/virtually for workers a month Earned Sick
Leave, Paid family and Temporary disability rights
b. Develop and conduct pre and post survey conducted at every educational session
c. Bring awareness about these rights, reduce misconception/confusion about these rights
stated above
d. Distribute educational materials to workers via social media and/or during outreach suited
for the focus population
e. Host townhalls for feedback and identify the needs of the community
f. Work with NJDOL to develop, translated and created audio and written material for
g. Educate small business owners with less than 100 employees about paid sick leave for
providers, how to earn/claim paid sick leave and how to request earned sick leave
h. Help low-income population about access to Earned Sick Leave, Paid family and
Temporary disability benefits in Haitian Kreyol to reduce the impression to be penalized
by employer for utilized these benefits.
i. Assist those eligible to apply for unemployment benefits who are computer illiterate.
j. Assist low income people apply for jobs
k. Build and maintain positive working relationships with the clients, providers, managers,
agency representatives, supervisors and office staff
l. Other duties as assigned
m. Monitor member reporting in Volsoft on an ongoing basis
n. Assist people with resume
o. Prepare all reports.
p. Maintain all member files.
q. Attend all staff meetings, committee meetings, and any other mandatory agency-wide
r. Become the face of the program in the community.
s. Knowledge of all pertinent federal and state regulations, filing and compliance
requirements both adopted and pending affecting employee benefit programs.



1. Education, Experience and Credentials

a. Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field is required.

b. Minor or certificate in Human Resources is preferred.

c. Work experience in HR or benefits is preferred.

d. Bi-lingual is preferred, Haitian Kreyòl

• Note: Valid New Jersey driver’s license, safe driving record, and vehicle

availability are required

2. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

a. Ability to handle confidential information responsibly

b. Organizational skills with the ability to plan, develop and implement learning


c. Outstanding human relations and leadership skills, and the ability to function in a



d. Effective oral and written communication skills.

e. Computer literate with proficiency and working knowledge of database and

reporting tools

f. Ability to listen, comprehend, and effectively communicate information both in

writing and orally with all individuals

g. Availability and flexibility to work flexible hours, based on client needs

h. Knowledge of departmental regulations and policies

i. Ability to make decisions independently within ascribed authority

j. Outstanding human relations and leadership skills, and the ability to function in a



k. Ability to interview and elicit facts and accurate data pertinent to client

l. Ability to maintain patience, confidence, and composure under pressure or adverse


m. Ability to develop monthly calendar and run activities efficiently

n. Able to facilitate some weekend and evening events/programming

o. Well organized and able to respond quickly and effectively to emergency


p. Promoting teamwork

q. Must be empathetic, compassionate and have good facilitation and communication


r. Strong analytical skills and a thorough knowledge of plan designs

s. Fluency in Haitian Kreyòl; written and spoken

3. Physical Demands/Work Environment:

a) Requires staff person to work inside, outside, alone, with others, around others, and

have contact with the public.

b) Must be ambulatory with ability to walk up and down steps regularly and rapidly

c) Must be able to sit at a desk for up to 2 hours at a time

d) Activities that occur continuously are talking, hearing, and using near vision.

e) Activities that occur frequently are using far vision, sitting.

f) Activities that occur occasionally are standing, walking, depth perception and

visual accommodation.

About the Company

Responsible for partnering with individuals, families, community partners and stakeholders to
build relationships in the community to educate workers who are eligible for many benefits and
protections that support their economic stability and help them care for themselves and their
loved ones. To increase New Jersey workers’ awareness of and equitable access to Earned Sick
Leave and related work rights, and Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits by establish
relationships that facilitate outreach, education and technical assistance on these laws and
programs. Increase New Jersey workers’ knowledge and understanding of the rights provided by
New Jersey’s Earned Sick Leave law and related labor standards, and Paid Family and Medical
Leave benefits, through methods that are community centered, culturally relevant and accessible, and language specific.

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