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JPM has a strong foundation, solid goals and relationships that allow us success throughout our journey to promoting a healthy immigrant community.

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About Jefferson Park Ministries

Jefferson Park Ministries, Inc (JPM) is a 501 ( c ) tax exempt, faith- based nonprofit organization with a more than a decade of record providing quality and needed social service programs to Union residents in New Jersey. 


 Our Founder

Catherine Rousseau Saintilien was born in the year 1961 and raised in the faith with a strong Christian and family values.  She emigrated from Haiti to United States in 1984.  Her passions for service lead her to open her first social service agency in 1992 with the focus of being a voice and a role model for the Haitian community in Union County, NJ. She was well respected and represented her faith in her community. She breathed and lived for COMMUNITY SERVICE.


Our Purpose

Become the primary source providing services to the Haitian community and the community at large within the city of Elizabeth and the State of New Jersey. We want to be the heart, the hands, and the voice of those who cannot help themselves.

All the Latest Updates

JPM Blog offers information, education and resources for the betterment of the community.

Meet Our Team

Take a moment to learn about the dedicated individuals that help make JPM help and serve our community. 

Sante Pou Tout


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